On Halloween 2010 the BHALDI team launched its first 2 systems, BHALDI I and BHALDI II.  Both were recovered successfully. This page profiles the BHALDI II system, describes its flight and recovery, and provides links to the gallery of photos captured by its 2 on-board cameras.

BHALDI II was launched from Plymouth, MN and traveled approximately 90,000 vertical feet and 100 nautical miles. BHALDI II landed in a tree near Arcadia, WI, and was retrieved by a local resident who called us and arranged for us to pick it up.

Click here for pictures from the BHALDI II mission

BHALDI I’s contents were as follows:

  • Weather Balloon
  • Parachute
  • Styrofoam cooler containing:
  • 2 Canon cameras,each taking pictures every 10 seconds
  • SPOT GPS Messenger tracking beacon
  • Chemical handwarmers to keep electronics warm
  • Click here for a photo gallery of pictures from BHALDI II’s flight.

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