15 October 2011 the BHALDI team launched its fifth system (BHALDI V)  from Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley, MN and reached an altitude of 94,848 vertical feet.  Its path traveled 108 miles, and landed 93.5 straight-line miles from the launch site. BHALDI V landed at the foot of a tree in Wilson, MN.  If it would have traveled another 50 feet in the air retrieval would likely have been much more difficult – we were lucky!

Click here for BHALDI V Launch Prep pictures

Click here for in-flight pictures from the BHALDI V Payload

BHALDI V was composed of the following:

  • Weather Balloon
  • 5 ft parachute
  • 1 APRS GPS tracker
  • Styrofoam cooler containing:
  • 1 Canon PowerShot A480 camera taking a picture every 10 seconds
  • 1 GoPro video camera with battery BacPac in waterproof case
  • SPOT GPS Messenger tracking beacon
  • Chemical handwarmers to keep electronics warm

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