On May 20th 2012 BHALDI VI was launched from coordinates 44.6652, -93.2866 (Casperson Park in Lakeville MN) with 1 of 2 payloads created by Cub Scout Pack 270. The system traveled approximately 81,000 vertical feet and 54.7 straight-line miles. BHALDI VI landed at 45.3674, -92.7653 in Bloom Lake. Of course this was the one time we didn’t bring the kayak! So we channel our inner Scout and found an available canoe that was sitting by the lake and used it to retrieve BHALDI VI! I guess sometimes Being Resourceful has to substitute for Being Prepared.
See the following link for VIDEO from the Go Pro camera, including pre-launch, in-flight, splash down, and recovery: BHALDI VI Video
For a map showing the flight path of BHALDI VI click here

Also here is a link to some terrestrial pics from launch day including a couple shots from the ‘water rescue’:
Launch Day Photos incl. Water Rescue

Components of the BHALDI VI system:

  • Weather Balloon
  • Parachute
  • Cub Scout Pack 270 Payload I
  • the Go Pro camera
  • a SPOT GPS unit, and
  • a HAM Radio APRS GPS unit (borrowed from Prof. Flaten from the U of MN)
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