On May 20th 2012 BHALDI VII was launched from coordinates 44.6652, -93.2866 (Casperson Park in Lakeville MN) with the 2nd of 2 payloads created by Cub Scout Pack 270. The system traveled approximately 95,000 vertical feet and 82.3 straight-line miles. BHALDI VII landed 50 feet up in a 16 inch diameter tree at 45.6897, -92.4152 near Frederic Wisconsin.
We ran out of time on launch day and weren’t able to go to the landing site, but Cubmaster Dave scouted (appropriately) the landing location and reported back on its location and how to get there.

GREAT STORY(Make sure to click on the embedded links.)

We traveled to Frederic Tuesday May 22nd to retrieve. We were going to cut down the tree, but since it was pretty large, we decided maybe to first try and find someone who could climb the tree. We headed back into town and asked around before we were referred to PROFESSIONAL IRONJACK GENO CUMMINGS! Seriously, no joke. This guy travels the world climbing trees (and doing other lumber-ly things) for sport and entertainment and gets paid to do it. And we just happened to find him. Sometimes the coolest thing about ballooning is the people you meet under strange circumstances.
Geno very graciously offered to come back to the landing site, climb the tree, and retrieve the payload. Which is exactly what he did. We then stopped by the local paper on the way back and a reporter took down the story and took a picture.


BHALDI VII’s camera captured arguably the best shots to date. It was an overcast day and we captured some breathtaking images of the cloud cover from above with a background of the blackness of space! Check ’em out:

119 pics from BHALDI VII

And here is the complete set of pictures. It is fun to scroll through these as a time lapse of the mission. Enjoy!
In-flight photos from BHALDI VII
In tree photos from BHALDI VII

Terrestrial Launch Day Photos by Jason Carroll


Check out this awesome graph of the data we collected. Looks like the camera stayed plenty warm with the chemical handwarmer. Also interesting that the accelerometer recorded 4.5g when the balloon popped!

Components of the BHALDI VII system:

  • Weather Balloon
  • Parachute
  • Cub Scout Pack 270 Payload II
  • a Canon PowerShot SX 150IS
  • 2 temperature sensors recording internal payload temp
  • a temperature sensor recording temperature of the camera
  • an accelerometer, and
  • a light intensity sensor
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